Complex System is a Computer Network which facilitates people to share knowledge, skills, ideas, concepts, trials and errors in a world of technology. A network started early at different universities where students enhenced to get academic materials shared in public. Sharing involves photos, texts, videos, files, phrases and any other materials.


 Complex System developed its spheres of control after the pioneers started to invest fully by recruiting skilled people, better management and hardworking philosophy. It has now fully REGISTERED as COMPLEX SYSTEM TRAINING CENTER under BRELA. Main idea is to develop young people who are eager to learn and develop in different issues including computer skills, management skills, life skills and ensuring professionalism in a field of computer.



The main idea came up for COMPLEX SYSTEM was when students wanted to get academic stuffs from their class (One Email for All Students). Students were unable to get materials at once due to skills and civilization of operating a mail as hundreds and thousands to use the same email. There generic ideas of Complex System emerge, and a network was designed in such a way All STUDENTS GET ALL THEY WANT.

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